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About me

image-dancingHere are a few facts about me. To find out more, click on the tabs below.

My favourite books ? I like crime and thrillers. Anything with a twist and a good plot.
My favourite movies. I tend to go for movies that are meaningful and have depth. The ones that make you wonder and think about them after the film has finished. All time favourites. The Shawshank Redemption. The Green mile. Also like Sci-fi. Love the Terminator and Alien movies.
The music I like.Depends on the mood, mostly mellow and classic. A bit of Jay Sean and Juggy D when I’m working out.
Foods I like. I like grilled food, kebabs, steaks, Nandoo’s.
My thoughts on fashion. For me comfort is more important then brand. I always go for the trusted brands. I’d rather buy 4 of the same shirts then risk going for something new.
My thoughts on social media and technology. There is a time and place for it. I don’t check my phone regularly or update my social media status.
My most embracing moment ? God I have so many.
When I am not shooting. I’m playing with my kids.
Favourite Super hero Spiderman.

My Story

About Me

I find it hard to write about myself for fear of sounding boastful or of not saying the right things. Instead, I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite life moments. I feel this may be the best way to give you a taste of my personality and my character. Reveal the stories behind the photos below. Thank you

Playing with my boys

I have two boys (Sahir 10 and Aidan 3). My wife refers to me as a man-child…whatever that means. Roleplaying and storytelling are central features in my life. My boys and I do this day-in and day-out. We just love play-acting. In this shot, we are re-enacting a story of a very angry bull and a brave matador. Playing with my boys, watching them laugh and smile helps to develop my eye for emotion.

Hasina’s wedding. Dancing with Nasi

This is a shot from my youngest sister’s wedding. The photo credit goes to my wife- as you can see. I am not much of a dancer. However, when it comes to letting my hair down and having a jig, I do that pretty well. I dance as if no one is watching.

This is a very special moment between my wife and me. It was taken during our honeymoon in Switzerland. It took around 20 minutes to get this shot right. My wife was so patient as I kept playing with the camera, trying to get it set up correctly to be able to shoot on auto timer. The constant running back and forth was not easy, but just as I started contemplating giving up: it all came together.

Traveling and experiencing different cultures

I have a deep love for travel and for seeing the world. I have always been a big fan of National Geographic and of David Attenborough. My other hobbies include keeping fit and public speaking.

My approach

My approach to wedding or family photography is pretty simple. The first and most pivotal step is to find the right people to work with. That is, those with whom I have a great rapport. It is important that they understand me and vice versa. I understand that I may not be everyone's cup of tea. For me, developing a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere during a shoot is the key to creating those “moment shots”.

To create this atmosphere, there needs to be some trust in place. It is important to develop trust over time. This is why I ensure I spend adequate time getting to know the couple before their event by spending time with them through site visits, pre-shoots and Skype meetings. When I am at an event, I like to blend in, to be part of the family and not really stand out. This allows me to observe, to understand, to think and then to act. I wait patiently for the moments to happen and then I capture them in a photo-journalistic way.

During the planning stages of an event, I can be expected to contribute towards the planning of the event time line, offering feedback, ideas and solutions as to how things can work. On the day of the event, my primary focus would be capturing the moments. Naturally, I will help to accommodate the flow of events and allow for changes and hiccups. I believe weddings should not be about the photos, but more about the celebration and the story. I feel it is best not to schedule the wedding day around photoshoots but rather to let life take over, fostering authentic moments for the camera to capture. There are plenty of expected moments during a wedding. Unexpected moments, on the other hand, are rare and are sometimes the ones hat are really worth capturing. They are also the ones that end up meaning the most to you.

I like to think that my images tell a story. Not just a chronological story of your wedding day, but also rather the story of you and that of those are closest to you.

Brief background

Photography was always a part of my life. Since the early days, I remember walking around with a Point-and-shoot camera snapping away at anything that I felt was interesting. My first dose of real photography was at the age of 14 when I chose to take part in a two- week residential in Wales, Aberystwyth- to be precise. I learned the skill and art of taking and processing pictures. At the end of the two-week residential, I found myself winning competitions and I was recognised as a hard worker. This greatly influenced my career direction. My parents would have preferred that I followed the tried and tested path of being a professional of some sort. “Artists don’t have status” my dad would say. Therefore, I initially followed their dreams for me and I started working in the health sector.

Over the years, I rose in rank and status within the health field. I soon became a manager of people and resources. Year upon year, my responsibilities increased while my pay remained the same. My heart was never fully in this job. I was not very happy at work. Eleven years had passed. I was married with a child. Life seemed mundane and repetitive until one day I decided I had had enough. I came home day after another boring day at the office in which I spent the day crunching numbers. It was then that I told my wife that I wanted to do something else. My wife, being an accountant, was quite rational, but always supportive. Together, we worked out a plan to move away from the 9 to 5 structure, gradually, and into my dream job. I would spend my weekends, working on my photography career, while maintaining my day-job during the week. I did this for a good 6 years. The journey was not plain sailing as you could imagine. Despite the challenges, I am glad I’m here and look forward to the rest of my photographic journey.

My Vision

I understand that my photographs can touch the lives of so many people. A single image has the power to trigger so many emotions. This is very different from any other media such as video or audio. Still images stay in the mind a lot longer and for this reason, I try to capture images that are emotionally loaded. I always put my best foot forward when I am covering events. I make sure that each shot I capture leaves a lasting impression. Through photography, I find the reasons that develop bonds to be stronger and longer lasting. I am grateful that I have a passion that allows me to make the events of others more meaningful. For me, my job is not just a matter of clicking pictures but also a matter of forming lasting memories for many. This is something I never forget! The life-vision I had for myself was to be able to do what I love, to be able to put my heart and soul into my craft. I love creating stories and images that are unique and captivating. I want to work with creative people across the globe.