When to book your Photo & Video team?


It’s a simple ‘supply’ and ‘demand’ analogy. Imagine walking into a store that sells heaters in the middle of winter or an air cooling fan shop in the middle of summer. The prices of the goods/services will reflect the demand at the time. So both items are likely to cost a lot more when the demand is high. If however, you were to purchase the same product when demand was low, you would get a far better deal.

In relation to photography and videography the best deals are made when demand is low. In my experience December and January are the best times to buy for summer weddings. On average couples save around £350/£400 pounds by planning in advanced.   If you’ve got your dates and location  that’s all you need to get a quote. Most suppliers will have the time and space to devote their attention to your needs and budget if there is plenty of time before your event. During peak season, however,  the same supplier may not be as flexible with time as the demand will be high and there will be little or no time for meetings.



What is the price for professional photography ?

Let’s ignore albums for a minute and just talk about prices for photography and a disk/USB (I know not all photographers sell the files… but let’s assume they do for the minute).

You can spend anything from pretty much zero to £10,000 for a UK wedding photographer – and if you look worldwide you can pay even more! You’ve probably seen some of this already with ads promising high quality coverage both for £395, £995, £1495, £1995 and £2995. Why pay £2995? Or is £395 enough for everyone? It’s down to your choice of what is an acceptable standard for you. 

Why do I charge £1450 for a 10 hour package? My charge is a reflection of my experience over the years. I have over 12 years experience of wedding photography. This enables me to know about handling large crowds. Capturing moments and talking to people in away to get the right photos. It’s also about the equipment I use. I have top of the range camera’s and prime lenses that are super fast for those precious moments. I also know how to creatively light my subjects (even on a dull day) and pose them to get those fine art shots. Why should you pay the extra over a photographer who charges £1000 or £1250?  It’s all in the detail. The final product and how it’s delivered to you. How much post-production work will be done and how much time the photographer spends on the delivery. I take a lot of pride in my work and touch up all the images for brightness, contrast and sharpness. I then further edit the book images to remove and retouch images for a unique look.

Let’s start with an average though. The accepted norm in the UK wedding industry is to spend 10-15% of your wedding budget on your wedding photographer, or 20% if the quality of your memories are particularly important to you. That makes the average spend around the £1200 mark, but that amount is obviously location dependent.

What you will find is that photography mirrors the food industry: for both £5 and £500 you can buy a thing called “a meal”; they are both food, but they are incredibly different. The £5 meal will contain sustenance that your body needs (along with some it doesn’t..), while the £500 meal will be a work of art. The £500 chef knows about aspects of cooking that the £5 cook doesn’t even know exist. The same is true of wedding photographers. The typical price brackets for a full day of photography are as follows. These are average prices for your guidance from across the UK (London being the most expensive).


How to get the best deal ?

A. Get the ball rolling by making contact. Get your dates, hours and location to a few suppliers and start talking to them. The better they know and understand you, the more likely you’ll get a good deal and outcome you are expecting. Arrange time to go and see and meet them.  A personal face-to-face approach is the best way to see who you will be dealing with. 

B. Get a few like for like quotes. Go though them and list the pro’s and cons for each. Talk to your chosen supplier to see if they can adjust things to suit your requirements and budget.

C. Once you have done your home work. You will be in a better position to negotiate and make a better deal.  Remember the best time of the year to book for a summer wedding is in Dec/Jan.