Family Photo shoot



1.What is this shoot about?

This is a family shoot for the whole family. It celebrates the love, joy and bond that you have with your children.

2.Who is it for?

Anyone that wants to create natural and relaxed images of their loved ones.


3.When is it?

The shoot will take place at a time and date that suits you and your family. There are a limited number of slots available for these type of shoots. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the form and secure your spot. Once you have secured your spot, I will email you a confirmation of your shoot and some information about how to prepare for the day.

4.How does it work?

First, you need to choose a setting for your family shoot. Below are a few examples:

1. An activity at home (1.30 mins)

This is a home-based activity. It could be making a cake, to decorating

2. Trip to the local park ( 2 hours)

This starts and finishes at your house with a short trip to the park.

3. Our trip to the Zoo ( 4 hours)

This starts and finishes at your house with a longer trip.

4. A day out. (8/10 hours)

This starts at your house and ends at your house. Email me for details about this.

What is the cost?

Depending on the scenario you choose above. Below are the costs.

1. £125.00

2. £175.00

3. £350.00

4. £800.00

+ You need to choose one of the options below.

A. 6 high res Images on a disk £60.00

B. 6 images and 6 of the same prints £90

C. A small book A6 with 15 images in the book £150

D. An A4 book with 10 pages 30 images £225.00

There are so many options to choose from with regards to the product you wish to have at the end of the shoot. The most popular package is option A. So that includes 1.5 hours of shoot (£75) with Option B products (£90).The total being £165.00

8.How do we book?

1)Contact Azad on 0794 970 56 66 to find a suitable date.
2) Pay your deposit which is a flat fee of £100.
3) Azad will then send out a confirmation.

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