How to hire creative artists for your big day ?

Like many brides and grooms, your wedding could be the first time you’ll be hiring a creative professional. You might think that the process of hiring wedding photographer are as simple as writing a cheque. What could be so difficult, right? But just ask any talented pro, and you’ll get a detailed explanation as to why it’s so important to truly understand their creative process.How you manage your relationship with a wedding photographer/videographer can have just as profound of an impact on the images & video as the day unfolding before the camera. Ideally you and your creative artist both want the same outcome; amazing photos & video that capture the true essence of the wedding day.

For me, one of the best things about being a wedding photojournalist is that I capture the day as it unfolds without restraint or interference. It’s the fleeting moments that take place when you least expect it.

What is my approach ?

I take my time to understand the couple and get to know them. For me trust is key. The couple and their families need to feel like they trust me and can allow me access into their lives. Only then can I take pictures that are real and not staged. So for me, it’s about making connections with people in an open and honest way from the onset. If someone doesn’t like my style or approach, I’d rather know from the start so that I can suggest an alternative for them. This allows me to only focus on the people who appreciate and value my approach.

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