Sikh Ceremony & Reception in London

 Natasha &Baljit’s Sikh Ceremony & Reception in London

Did you know that only in India, you can use the hands, combine that with a head nod to communicate an array of sentiments? ‘ That’s Fantastic’, ‘Let’s do it’ or even ‘Get out of here’! are just a few examples of what can be said without the utter of a word. I kid you not!…it can be done. It would be accurate to say, we the Indian’s (very broadly speaking, people from the Indian subcontinent) are an expressive bunch who love to communicative with their hands. The point made famous by Gurinder Chada’s 2008 movie ‘Bride and Prejudice’ The scene where ‘you screw in a light bulb with one hand and you pet the dog with the other. It’s all in the hands!


I wanted to share a few images from a recent wedding with you that demonstrates my point. Not that I go to the wedding looking for hands or feet to shoot but something that I noticed while editing. Anyway, the backdrop to this story is from Baljit and Natasha’s wedding, which was absolutely amazing. I’ve known the family over the years as I shot Ranjit’s wedding (Baljit’s older sister) over 10 years ago. Ranjit and Ayaz (Ranjit’s husband) were super fun to work with and we literally clicked from the get go and over the years we became friends. So when Ranjit’s younger brother was getting married, I felt honored to be asked to cover the ceremonies. As you can see from the photos, I felt very at home with this couple and the family. Had full access to go everywhere and shoot however I wanted to. So I was on the floor one minute, up against the wall the next. But most of the time I was sitting amongst the guests. I think they forgot that I was there which is how I like it. For me, this is when I’m in my zone looking for real moments between people.

Watching the day unfold

So going back to Baljit and Natasha’s events I noticed a lot, sitting there watching interactions between people. Listening to friends and family as the day unfolded. A look here, a glance there. I could see how hard Ranjit and the families had worked to make the wedding a possibility. I sensed the love between the siblings. The little brother who grew up to be a handsome groom. I saw how emotional Baljit was around his mum and the how happy his mum was to welcome Natasha into their family. I saw how Natasha’s mum held it together and let go of the little girl that grew up to be a stunning bride. How proud Natasha’s dad would have been had he been alive. There were lots of tears at this wedding. Proud to say I was there amongst it all.

Sorry in all of this I forgot about the hand gestures. Take a look at the photos and see for yourself. How many hand gestures can you spot.

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Comment from : Natasha

What can I say? I am the happiest bride that has had the most beautiful wedding. In all the craziness a wedding brings, it all seemed to have gone smoothly. Each moment is memorable and truly amazing. It was beautiful, touching, emotional, overwhelming and many mixed emotions from both our sides.
The months leading up to the wedding I was stressed however when the day came around I enjoyed it all. Seeing Baljit waiting for me at the altar and at the Gurdwara was the happiest moments that made me feel warm, calm and I just knew from those moments and forward everything was going to be ok. Baljit is not just my husband he is my best friend, my soul mate and I truly believe we have been put on this earth to be together to spend the rest of our days together building upon our dreams. I honestly cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.
Our Storyteller!

What can I say about Azad? He is an amazing person and his work is incredible. He made the both of us feel very comfortable and because of this, it was so easy to work with him. We first met Azad on our pre wedding shoot, it was fun and we had the best time. Azad was more like a friend and we both felt like we had known him for a long time, we could trust him and his vision. His ability to tell a story through pictures is great. At the pre wedding shoot, we talked about how we met and Azad told this story through his pictures. Looking back, every picture holds so much value to both of us.

On the wedding day, Azad calmed our nerves and blended in with our family which was lovely to see. We didn’t feel nervous or feel any sort of pressure, we had faith in him and trusted him implicitly. From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank Azad for all his time and effort he put into creating these special memories for us. All the pictures look beautiful and we’re so glad to have had Azad be part of our Wedding journey.

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Comments from the family :

Ranjit ( Grooms Older sister)

For me, the day was magical.. for one day, our lives became a wonderful fairy tale and this wedding was all our happiness for the last 7 years (the length of mum’s Illness) combined and enjoyed in 24 hours. We fulfilled my mum’s forever wish, to see Baljit get married in the traditional way 😀
The day before the wedding, mum danced and sang with us at home with immediate family. It was sooo bitter sweet. If she was well she would have been running everything and her and I would be fighting over who knows best 😆
I was elated with how the day turned out and how everything went smoothly and everyone was so happy. In all honesty, it was better than I had expected and most importantly the newly weds were over the moon with it all!
A bitter sweet memory for us at home. Thank you for capturing these fantastic moments. I could not have asked for more. Every time I look at these I feel so emotional. We will cherish these over the years.

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Location 1: Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha. Hounslow
Location 2: Chiswick House & Gardens
Working with :
Hair & Makeup Artist. Priti
Food: Clay Oven :






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