Visions in the evening. A photoshoot for couples

Visions in the evening. A photoshoot for couples 


Valentine’s day is around the corner. Anything planned ?. Here on offer is a photo shoot that will take place in and around London. It will take around 30/40 mins and we should get some creative images. Choose a location and surprise your other half. It’s a fun and relaxed shoot. If it appeals to you, please complete the form at the bottom of the page, or drop me a text. It’s taking place throughout the month so choose a time that is suitable for both of you, a location that you like. Then we can get started on the shoot. 



1.What is this shoot about?

This shoot is a celebration of companionship and love. 

2.Who is it for?

Anyone that wants to create some magical images in with a great London backdrop. 

3.When is it?

The shoot will take place in February 2017. There are a limited number of slots available which you need to book and pay for online. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the form and secure your spot.  Once you have secured your spot, I will email you a brief with suggestions for outfits and logistics on the day. 

4.What is the cost? 

There are various packages you can go for to suit your budget. Below are the details

Package 1. This will cost you £99.00. ( RRP £150) The shoot will last around an hour and you will get to keep 5 edited images within 5 days of the shoot. 

Package 2. This will cost you £150.00. (RRP £225) The shoot will last around an hour and 15 mins and you will get to keep 8 edited images within 6 days of the shoot. 

Package 3.This will cost you £225.00. (RRP £300) The shoot will last around an 2 hours and you will shoot in two locations get to keep 15 edited images within 8 days of the shoot. 

The deposit is 50% of your package.  You pay the final balance once you select your images online. 

5.Where will it be?

You can choose one of the locations below or two if you choose package 3:

Tower bridge area

St Pauls Cathedral area. 

Paddington Station 

Leaden-hall Market

The Natural History Museum

University of Greenwich

Hay’s Galleria

Covent Garden Market

Trafalgar Square and The National Gallery

6.What if it rains, or snows. 

We still shoot. The rain or snow will add to the effect.

7.What will we get? 

As per point 4. Each package comes with a set number of edited jpegs. These will be sent to you via a link to preview. Once you have selected and paid for your images, you will get a link to download the images. 

8.How do we book? 

Please complete the form below and make your deposit payment.


How to book?

1)Contact Azad on 0794 970 56 66 to find a suitable date.
2) Pay your deposit via PayPal.
3) Azad will then send out a confirmation.

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